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Since the day I have been made able to observe the world and understand things, I have seen my country suffering from poverty. When we see majorities of big cities living a luxurious life with all the facilities available, we also come across areas where there is neither food to eat nor any shelter to live under. This was the poverty I was talking about while initiating this piece of writing.

Taking one example that is right there in the same country in which we live, Thar! One of our 4 deserts where there is no food, no water, no shelter, no life yet still people are living there in conditions which can’t even be described. We go through social media newsfeeds seeing this topic being discussed, we hear news on television describing the painful situation of the people but still, most of us chose to ignore those because we have each and every thing available and our life goes on perfect. While we often think that the government must take care of that and it should be doing.

So now let’s talk about how government is working on this issue.

It was two or three weeks ago, while scrolling down my Facebook newsfeed, I came across this picture:

Which was captioned as: “Here’s to those who say that the government isn’t working for underprivileged areas”

And I was completely outraged seeing this. I don’t know whether the person who posted this was being sarcastic ( it did not seem like that ) or was actually in favor of the government for taking such a great measure to ensure a healthy life for those striving for just “life” in Thar. Like what, they don’t have anything to eat, they drink the dirty water available while sometimes they don’t, and the children pass their day in naked in heat and the roaring sun whereas they have nothing cover themselves in cold at night. That’s a desert people, a desert! A place where if we go for fun, we must have special items with us and we need to take some different precautions and safety measures. And those pour souls are living over there day and night. I wonder how difficult its being for them to sustain life whereas there is nothing to support them with this purpose but hope. Hopes which I believe would never be fulfilled. !

As we have studied in Pakistan studies, we are lucky to have a country full of natural resources. A country rich in minerals, a country having unending water bodies and a country having land best suited for agriculture. But wait, do we get to see the results? Yes of course! When we see our government and their generations and generations living their lives and celebrating their events. Because our poverty has never been treated. Instead we care about how those women could upload selfies and how those men could get recent sports updates. We are working on how those children could be exposed to new ways of learning when we know that they lack the basics of such facilities. People, I’m talking about the same children of which hundreds and thousands die each day because of food and water shortage and because of extreme temperatures and lack of medication facilities. Seriously, we need to get a mind, think and protest on this, rather than yelling on the materialistic issues we are shouting on. And to my esteemed government, just get out of your peaceful life, come and witness those who gave you this peace, share the benefits coming from our resources and then see, how the number of your opposition gets reduced.




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