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Halal ki kamaai halal ki hi hai

I saw a common man focused on his work, to earn bread for his family, and approached him to ask some questions, but noticed he wasn’t answering. I could see the dedication in his eyes, weary but determined, on doing more than he could, to bring the best for his loved ones. After some persuasion though, he replied, told me he was a married man and a father, that he works as a plumber,his name was Akhtar and asked me what I did. I told him I am a photographer, that my job is to voice the common man. That he is the type of people I want my camera to capture, and his message to convey. For he truly is a picture of hard work and dedication, an inspiration, an example, and a reflection of the common man. He smiled, thanked me, and went back to his work, not sparing another thought.

By Talha Tanveer Bhatti(Team PS)



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