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29th September 2013
It was a Sunday morning at Peshawar.
I drove to Qissa Khwani Bazar with my father where we had to buy glasses.
After having the breakfast at Qissa Khwani,I parked my car near basement of that shop. I was waiting for my father to come back so we can drive back to home. It hardly took five minutes to change the whole scenario,Where there was silence in the bazaar because it was Sunday.
Suddenly silence changed into human screams. The blast fired with a huge and scary voice. I was not able to see anything because I was shot down to the other seat. I was bleeding red. I didn’t even know where I was hit in my body as i was not able to get up. I recited Kalma loudly as I felt that i’m going to get Shaheed like many. But I was unlucky,The screams and the voices were getting louder but I was not able to see. I didn’t know where was my father. The memories of my life played like a film in my mind and there was a smile on my face . I didn’t knew my new life is going to start from that time and I am going to be so strong. I was bleeding in the car many people came and saw me but nobody helped me. About after 10 minutes my father arrived and took me out of the car,and a car took me to the nearest Government Hospital.My father was running after the car and I was in the car. I wasnot able to see anything as my eyes were getting darker though I was in senses. I was bleeding continuously. We arrived to the hospital along with many other blast victims. Where everyone was running here and there. I was still having that strong smile on my face. I wanted to see my mother. I was shifted from other ward to another and nobody was giving attention as there were many other victims around me. My family arrived with my mother to the hospital she was worried,she kissed me on my forehead and I was still smiling. The life I spent was running in my mind.
My family took me to the other hospital which was far away because nobody was giving proper attention. I was still bleeding.
When we reached the hospital doctor said that his Auxilary Artery is cut and the Vascular ward in Peshawar is only at the hospital from where you just came. The extreme pain started there and I was given anaesthesia. I was taken back to the hospital and after approaches and references I was put into the operation theatre.
Many friends and family were there for me Praying for my life. Everybody was worried. It’s been the third year started and i’m not perfectly fine.Till then now I had gone through 9 major surgeries in which i had bone graft,artery graft,got plate in my hand tendons and many other medical terms which I don’t know. I also passed three days on ventilator in ICU,I still survived. I spent almost 6 months on bed in which I couldn’t even sit with no movement and no sensations in the hand. I was totally dependent on my mother but I stood up because I had will power to live because I was blessed with a new life by Allah. Life is not easy with a broken hand but I have taken it as challenge. The struggles of Voice Of Pakistan (VOP) which is an organizations initiated by me,I got more confident. In these two years I had done mega events in the history of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in which i gathered youth from all over the Pakistan to make them unite and give a peace message. With this broken hand I have hiked the mountains of Chitral,Kashmir and Naran and the toughest track of Saif Ul Malook. I’m brave enough to accept any challenge now and I did. This incident made me so strong from the inside that I never for once that something happened to me. I’m struggling to promote tourism,sports,culture,and end up the gaps and conflicts among all Provinces of Pakistan.
I want to thank my Mother Father,Friend,Teachers and all well wishers who supported me and made me strong enough to fight with this tough life.
By : Asif Khan (Peshawar)

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