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How the statement cashed millions!

Ye bik gayi hai gormint.” Is not a statement we are unaware of. It took the internet with a storm when an aggressive woman passed the comment along with some other abusive words describing the current form of the government and was soon visible as it went viral on our timelines and as WhatsApp status of many and also as a criticizing hashtag beneath sarcastic statements and much more.

It’s not something we are unaware of, people on daily basis label the government to be corrupt. The question rising, why did it go viral? Perhaps her accent or maybe her aggression appealed the hearts and our dear public celebrated it like the truthful voice against the cruel king!


 Whatever the reasons, the marketers didn’t take long to cash the statement and bring their businesses into action. And soon the ‘Bik gayi gormint’ labelled articles came up the news feed. Finding it funny and the latest trend, people actually bought these articles to show off their updated sense of humor.

Proving hence, that we are indeed a highly sentimental nation and easy target to the marketers.

Written By: Azmaira Sodagar (Team PS)

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