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How to deal with exam stress

Summers. The beach. Roof –top parties. Music festivals. Tubs of ice-cream and some juicy gossip with friends. Vacation time. Right? Sigh, not for us! All the sad poor souls have exams coming up.

Panic attacks. Anxiety. I can’t sleep at night. Does ethanol react with water? Torque, what’s that? Oh damn! There are four thousand and sixty seven pages of syllabus to cover and days? Two months only. Aah! Less than two months. Oh, another day gone!

Well, well, let’s put a stop to it and let’s talk about how we can manage the exam stress.

  1. ORGANISE You cannot arrange a messy stack of hay until and unless you don’t know where to begin, Right? So find that point. Find that subject. Find that chapter where you need to start. Start planning, make yourself a calendar, outlining a daily schedule of topics and reward yourself for completing it (Snickers would work or maybe some fries)
  2. TIME IT UP Looking at the wall becomes very exciting, I know. Stuck on one page since last half hour; not cool, when you have exams just around the corner. Time your chapters with intervals of 20-50 minutes and give yourself some time in between. Believe me, cramming everything in an hour or solving equations for 4 hours straight won’t help.





  1. EAT HEALTHY Sitting bored? I need food. Of course! There has to be the glucose. There has to be the sugar rush. Talking about it eat high-carb foods and stay hydrated. The more hydrated you are, the more glucose you have, the easier it will be to understand what you are reading. Eating dark chocolate fights the stress hormone cortisol and has an overall relaxing effect on the body so grab those Mars bars fellas!


  1. TAKE BREAKS If you were training for a marathon, you wouldn’t try and run for 24 hours. Would you? So take a “small” break (not the usual breaks that end up for five hours). Call a friend and talk to them. Take a walk in the fresh air. Don’t feel guilty, your bones need the vitamin D! And and play with bubble wrap, that’s always a great way to relax. (Pop, pop, pop)
  2. BREAK FROM THE DISTRACTIONS AND PRACTICE Ping, ping. A notification from Facebook. Oo, who followed me on Instagram? Refresh. Scroll, scroll and scroll. I bet you don’t even realize the number of times you check Facebook, Instagram, but it adds it up to a lot of wasted time. So just try to focus on your goal and practice as many questions you can to be familiar with dealing them on the exam day.

In the end, just pray to Allah to make the exam easy for you and the examiner as nice as Grandpa Joe from Charlie and the chocolate factory.

Mahnoor Sarwar


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