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How to deal with stress?

Quran states; ‘Allah doesn’t burden a soul beyond that it can bear’ (Surah Al Baqrah 2:286)

I know you are stressed right now, I know it feels too hard with all the things going on in your mind but, there’s a cure! You can heal yourself, you can live your life once again if you just try out some of these simple ways to deal with stress:

  • Firstly, we should always have faith in Allah. We may call Him by different names, but we all know that we pray to the one only Supreme Power, the Creator of this universe. We should have complete faith that if Allah has put us into a situation, He surely has the solution to it too! We just have to ask for it.


  • Now the best way I know is to indulge yourself in your favorite activities may that be singing, dancing, writing, reading, listening to music or whatnot. This really helps to relieve one from stress and affects your mood in a positive way instantly.
  • Play with kittens and puppies. Scientific studies have shown that there’s a significant decrease in stress in people who often play with animals. If you can’t get yourself one at home, buy some cheap pet food and just hit the streets!
  • Different snacks, fruits and vegetables are also known to relieve people from stress. I know about chocolate and banana. Chocolate serves as a mood-changer and banana is a natural anti-depressant; eating a banana whenever you are stressed will help a lot more than those anti-depression tablets which do no good at all!
  • Talk it out! A few days back, I saw a video on Facebook in which a man, Zakir Khan, was telling things about his father. At the end of the video he said, “We spend all of our lives looking for good advices, looking for people who can give us some advice. What we don’t realize is that there’s a man sitting in our home who has lived all his life with a few principles, and has gone through pretty much the same problems that we are going through. We just don’t discuss our problems with our father because he’ll scold us for five minutes, but in the sixth minute, when we start talking to him we’ll get the best advice we could ever get from anyone.” Yes, we all have different parents; some of us are closer to our mothers and some of us cannot discuss our problems with either of the parents. We still have the same God, pray to Him!

Talk to some young children, the ones that are under ten, to get back that ‘meaning of life’. Talk to some old people, the ones that are in their 70’s, to discover how they dealt with their problems.

May Allah help us in our bad times and give us strength to go through the hardships of life. (Ameen)

Written by Taha Hissam (team PS)

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