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How to practice patriotism throughout the year?


Is the spirit of independence just restricted to a single date? Doing every wrong thing that’s possible all the year round and then singing national songs in August just doesn’t make a difference! Why don’t we actually understand the real reason for what Pakistan was made for? It wasn’t made for oppressing women, to hunt and kill people of different sects of Islam or people of different religions, and especially not to be labeled as a terrorist country! It was made as a free country for Muslims and religious minorities too.

What does ‘patriotism’ mean actually? It means ‘loyalty or support for one’s own country’, doing the correct things at all times even if nobody is watching you. So instead of just listening to patriotic songs for a day, we should really work on ourselves for the betterment of our country. These are a few ways through which we can support our country are;

  • Men and women equality: I believe, women can do wonders if they are given a chance at every field that is given only to men. Take it from politics to army; women can actually outperform men in these fields. An excellent example of women power is the battle of Uhud, in which Nusaybah Bint Ka’ab fought, alongside men, for the safety of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W). Even Quaid-e-Azam said ‘No struggle can ever succeed without women participating side by side with men.’


  • Stop thieves and terrorists: There is this one easy way to stop them, DIE TRYING! Yes, we shouldn’t be afraid to become national heroes. If we won’t be able to prevent a big catastrophe, we’ll at least show that we are fighting back!
  • Stop religious and sectarian hatred: We are one, all we need now is unity. Love each other; regardless of what caste, colour, gender or religion one belongs to!
  • Serve your own country: People these days really love moving abroad for their ‘better futures’ without even thinking about what this country has given us. The love and support, friends and family, and most importantly freedom! What we should do in return is that we should study in our own country, apply for jobs here only and live like a responsible citizen by helping every person in need!
  • Keep your country clean: Seeing garbage basins everywhere and thinking who is responsible? Well the answer is YOU! We are the one who actually throw garbage anywhere we see these basins, without thinking that we are increasing our own problems. What can the government do if we ourselves can’t stop polluting the environment?

I believe, a single person can make a change in the society, and that change is within you!


Written by Taha Hissam Mirza.

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