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“In the two popular “isms” I vote for “humanism” only

All in our mundane discussions and rather conflicts the most preferred and worth argumentative topic is,”where do you place yourself?”I mean into a bunch of fellas who are believers of equality by replacing all doubts but are apparently more vocal and inclined towards the rights of females or the one which seems even more interesting because with the agenda of equality,somewhere in the background they believe or rather inhale the fact that no matter how liberal a man can be his wife or the female partner should follow him no matter how eligible she stands as a leader.

The most bizzare fact is that both of the the cliques demand “equality”in all sense but somehow manage to contradict their own school of thoughts.For instance,A feminist demanding for equality still groans on a situation where a male doesn’t leave his seat in a public bus.As per equality to which they stand by they should also leave their seats in such cases.With no offense to all feminists there by we at times donot stick to what we believe in.Why is a woman these days in a race to leave men behind in different aspects of life?A woman was never created to do all things that men do instead a woman is a divine creation of my lord who was created to do all of those things that men can’t.The religion of peace,”Islam” also reflects on the fact that men were created to protect women.Now here the thing which should never be ignored is that “we only go on protecting things that are more precious and beloved to us”.Therefore taking it in a much more broad sense is it not that woman was so precious to God that he appointed men to take care of them.

Returning to the other face of coin,the story is a little demoralizing.How does on earth a man can even think that a woman who became the source of their existence some where lacks behind them.This is ironically rending.The idea of “male chauvinsm” tears apart the true essence of “humanism” because somewhere unintentionally they root up conflicts among us.

Hence,I strongly deduce that standing on two extreme ends has never worked out the way it was actually presumed therefore in judging every second stance of our opponents lets start percieving each other’s situations and giving them enough space that they deserve.Lets vote for humanism primarily in order to make this world a better place to live in. Cheers. 



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