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“Inside the circle of gratitude”

Almost all of us today are stressed out, anxious and unhappy because of so many reasons. Obviously, there are a lot of things and people in life responsible for the state we are in, isn’t it? But what if I tell you that we ourselves are to be blamed and no one else because of our ungrateful attitude and habits towards life?

There are so many things we are so many things we take for granted and so many blessings that we neglect that it seems our life is full of problems. Now, I am not saying that problems don’t exist. Of course they do and none us has a perfect life but our attitude of focusing our lens only on things that are not sufficient or not how we want them to be, and then magnifying them makes things worse. It seems that we keep looking for reasons (yes, even when we don’t have them, we look for them) everyday that make us more and more ungrateful and our list of unsatisfactory things keeps on increasing.

Who doesn’t have a messed up life? All of us do, right? There are so many things: There is your college that is so stressful and tiring that it makes you want to drop out of it. You don’t get grades up to your expectations no matter how hard you try. You are not as smart, as pretty or as cool as your peers. You don’t have the latest gadgets while all of your friends do. You are not as rich as your best friend and that is so embarrassing. You do get pocket money every week or every day but it’s not enough. Your parents are so strict and your siblings annoy you so much. You literally lag behind in everything and everything that you compare with others is wrong with you.  But the important question here is, who are you comparing yourself to? We always compare ourselves to people who are better than us (or at least they appear to be) in every way and as a result we end up having feelings of inadequacy, jealousy and ungratefulness. Ultimately, we start hating our lives and wishing for better things while ignoring all that we already have.

Take a moment to think about the children who cannot go to school every day, people who don’t have a family and friends to love them and care for them, people who cannot even dream about having all the luxuries we have: a home, a family, food to eat and other facilities. Think about the people who cannot see, hear or walk and people who are ill and don’t have the blessing of health and people who are handicapped. Think about people who spend their days and nights on streets draped in two scraps of cloth. There are people whose lives would be complete and fulfilled if they had even any one of the things that you own but take for granted. We spend so much of our time complaining about little things that we don’t pay attention to this. It seems that the more ungrateful we become, the more reasons life gives us to be ungrateful for. We keep wishing for more and for better but we forget that there is always someone in the world who would be better than us, unless of course, you become the world’s number one person in everything which is not possible, and there is nothing you can do about it.

So why not focus on things that you can do? Why not try to change your approach towards life? Honestly, it makes things so much easier and it’s not that hard either. Practice gratefulness. Start counting your blessings! As I said, life gives us more reasons to be ungrateful for, the more unappreciative we become, but the good news is, the reverse happens when we adopt exactly the opposite attitude. Our blessings multiply with an incredible pace when we start to appreciate things. It is an almost magical process and you’ll be amazed to see how things start changing once you sincerely start appreciating them. Acknowledge all the little things that you have and only focus on them; all problems will automatically start fixing slowly or at least not seem as big as they do now. Whenever you start to feel ungrateful about something just think of someone who doesn’t have it or what you would do if you didn’t have it. Don’t forget to thank Allah whenever you can for the uncountable and unlimited blessings he bestows upon you every second.

Not only will this kind of attitude benefit you, but it will also make you more compassionate and you would start helping others. Let us now resolve to be more appreciative towards life because the secret to happiness and satisfaction is as simple as that. Don’t wait for tomorrow or better days, but start now because the things that you are taking for granted now will be gone the next moment. You never know.

Inside the circle of gratitude, blessings multiply.

Sadia Maqsood

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