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Is the government really that ‘careem’?

Is the government really that ‘careem’?

Well since the news of the online cab services potentially being banned soon across Punjab and sindh on social media broke out, it’s no surprise that the ‘keyboard warriors’ became ready to erupt on Facebook and Twitter with their statuses, memes and satirical videos. Well the official reason given by the government was that since they have not registered these cars with the government and the certificate was not given moreover there was no regulation provided with these services, this proved a great loss to the government. But the public seems to think that the government had more sinister plans for banning these services. That these elites can’t be satisfied until the public is in peril by every way possible. Although it is correct that these services should have gotten registered by the government but judging from the state of public transport services, did these companies really commit a deadly sin? For example the public bus transport service doesn’t get upgraded and the same buses have been dropping of the working class for decades, these buses are in shambles, over-crowded and many people have to clump atop the bus to travel towards their destination hence causing many accidents along the way, the rickshaw and cab drivers who used to scam is with the phrase ‘the gas prices have risen from the last time’ also the conditions of these cabs and rickshaws having no door and less than desirable speed it wasn’t the quite the first priority more of travelling. Not to mention the safety issues that women face with these modes of travelling. We don’t know what these drivers are like, can we trust them? Women have told countless cases of being harassed through these public transportation until along came these online cab services like careem and uber, which provided the type of car you’ll be travelling with, the name and picture of the driver, the number plate, the estimated fare and the time of was a very convenient and comfortable way of travelling to your destination, not to mention it being safer than those methods of transportation mentioned above. So the question that really arises is these government certifications just a stamp of no value, if so then these services aren’t at fault, maybe the government should strengthen their stamps and certificates of regulation so these companies can take it as serious as it should be in the future.


Written by: Osaid (Team PS)

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