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A Job For The Literate To Make Others Aware Of Their Rights

After completing LLB and Bar at Law from London, and LLM from Washington DC, I was aware of the highly paid job opportunities available to me, but I wanted to work at grass root level, where I could actually make a difference. So I came to Pakistan, Taxila, and became the very first barrister of the area, even though it was hard for me settle here. I do not take any fee from people who are deserving but cannot afford a lawyer. We, the aware and educated people, can socially motivate others to make a difference in society. And I’ve been trying to do just that. For e.g there was a case from Attock where a girl was divorced and thrown out of her house after torture. The husband did not give the ‘Haq-Mehar’ (Benefaction in case of separation) and denied to give the monthly expenditure obligatory by Pakistani law. The girl didn’t have this knowledge and came to me with empty hands and asked me for help. I not only fought her case but got orders from court to give the ‘haq mehar’ and start the monthly expenditure.
There was this another case where the husband, after separation, came to meet his child (toddler) who was under custody of the mother. He took the baby away. She came to me with tears in her eyes and asked for help, not knowing about the laws. I fought for her and got her baby back. There have been many similar cases and all I got from them were prayers and respect because it is all they had, and all I needed!


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