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Kashif Ka Khuwaab

The man who had lost his sixteen years old son due to thalassaemia did not set down in gloom and despair and neither did he go into a prolong period of grief that he had lost his young handsome son(Kashif). He knew how difficult to get Kashif cured from this disease. He with his entire main and might had tried to save Kashif but it was high time and he was in last stage. After the death of Kashifhe had a single mission to fight this disease and vowed to eliminate it from his homeland Pakistan, so none of the parents suffer from the same loss from which he had suffered after the death of Kashif.
He was determined to evict this disease and with this he established a small center at Qaidabad in Karachi to create awareness among masses. It was never an easy to make people conscious of the disease they knew little about. He carried awareness campaigns in the remote areas of the country where locals hadn’t had the slightest idea about thalassaemia and it was even astonishing that when their children died of this disease, it even then remained a mystery to them.
Sir Iqbal started his journey with the aim to create mass awareness about thalasseamia and ended up establishing a chain of Kashif Iqbal thalassaemia centers. These centers are relief for the poor and needy people who couldn’t afford the treatment of their children. Here in these centers they get free treatment from medicine to everything even the fairs of transport. But his goal and service doesn’t end here. The supervision of standard and to make blood available for hundreds of children was and is a daunting task. He with his teams carries blood camps at different public places encouraging people to donate blood for their sisters and brothers.
Apart from his this mission, he is a philanthropist as he has helped poor by providing source of income, assisting in the marriage of girls of under privileged class. He has so far made possible the digging of forty wells in the water scarce desert of Thar. Sir Iqbal has been bestowed many international and national award for his service to humanity. With his courage and relentless efforts, he is striving hard to evict this disease out of this country with the help of his generous friends. He just makes a request to society and specially youth to get thalassaemia screened before getting married.

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