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Kashmir has long been the point of dispute between Pakistan and India, disrupting the peace of the Sub continent for many centuries. Dating back to the time of partition, the borders were not justly declared for this particular state which both countries claim to be theirs. They fought three battles and had numerous disputes for power in this region creating political unrest ever since.


However, not caring about what the Kashmiris want and to keep their hold firm to not let it become a part of Pakistan, Indian soldiers and police have always been harsh and have caused atrocities to these poor settlers. Their entire generations have seen the state of war and suffered severe punishments for idiopathic reasons.

Few days ago, they killed a Hizb ul Mujahideen militant, Burhan Wani. The Indian media portraying it the loss of a terrorist whereas Pakistani media mourning over the loss of a great soldier.














The aftermath was terrible, a series of violent protests in the Muslim majority areas of the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. Over 10 districts started to protest, resulting in a clash between the civilians and the police with the destruction of public and government property. The Indian forces however took it to the next level with a display of utter inhumanity and brutality. The use of pellet guns, although regarded non-lethal, posed ruinous eye injuries and face deformities. In human massacre with fatal stabbings were also witnessed. Leaving many killed and many severely injured or even blinded.

With the entire world silent and the international media paying no heed, the Pakistanis have tried to raise their voices and strongly condemn this display of barbarism. But the question, is it enough? I’m quite sure that our military strength enables us to face the Indians and defeat them at their game. While the entire world will still whine over the single killing incidents of Paris, equivalent number of people are killed, injured and handicapped on daily basis in Kashmir.

Let’s hope that our higher authorities take charge soon and take the relevant steps to restore peace to the Valley of Paradise!


Written by: Azmaira Sodagar

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