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Today, I’ll make an attempt to indulge you guys in taking a look at what the typical comments section looks like for both girls and guys. It’s one of those things that everyone thinks of, but no one has really bothers to speak of, and since I’m not building a rocket ship any time soon; I’ll gladly take on this task. Let’s take a look at the girls first. Ladies first, chivalry and all. 
OMG! Pyaari 😍
Haseena 💕
Gorgeous 😘
….and some more fluffy BS
The thing that bothers me, is that around 70% (Yes, I’m making this up. But, it’s totally true tho) of the time the feelings aren’t genuine. Women! You compliment each other because you feel that that’s the socially acceptable thing to do. Also, it’s really hard to think of your comment as sincere, when you’ve been running your mouth about that person just a few hours ago. So, be legit. I don’t know why you think it’s so hard. Obviously, this doesn’t goes for all women. Just as all men aren’t pigs, I’m sure that there are a lot of women who aren’t a bunch of crazy, backbiting, knife carrying psychopaths. I’m sure. So while it’s perfectly okay for you to compliment each other with all the lovey dovey goo gaa, things could be a lot better if you could just cut the hypocrisy. Again, not all women. Just some. Okay now, I’m done with the haseenas, on to the kaminas. 
This is what our typical comments section looks like
‘Seski boie’
‘Garam bc’
‘Bebi Kidar ha’
‘Sala 50 filter k baad bhi shakal sahi nahi hui’
Note the start contrast in both specimens *puts on sciency goggles*, there seems to be profound quantities of shade in the latter sample. Guys, please avoid putting your fellow dudes on blast like that. The bc bc trend is annoying. I know. I do it all the time. The borderline homosexual commentary is kinda unnecessary. I mean, if you’re into that sorta stuff… I guess it’s cool. Now back to ‘putting guys on blast’. Most of the time, guys do it either to poke fun at someone, or because we don’t have anything else to do or, we’re just trying to cover up our budding internal jealousy for someone under the clever blanket of sarcasm… Or is it just me?? See, it’s not cool to talk trash about someone in their comments section. Do it to their face, it’s a lot funnier that way. Hey, this is just something I’ve observed. Not all men, though.
P.S: If you find this offensive and inappropriate, kindly google the words: satire, sarcasm and go away.
Zohaib Hussain

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