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Khaas Dewaren Banaden Humne, Un Ko Dewaar-E-Meherbaani Bulalia

A writer and a doctor from Islamabad, I believe in women empowerment and wants to create a better place for those less fortunate. I’ve worked with many NGOs before launching the idea of ‘Wall of Kindness ‘ in the Capital City. Launching the idea, I’ve created a huge wave of awareness that led to the sprouting up of many such walls in the entire twin cities. This idea had originated from Iran and traveled to Lahore, and Peshawar from where it has spread tonnes of kindness in the city of Islamabad. On the 23rd of March, Pakistan Day, with the Green Volunteers on board, we plan to execute the plan by white washing an entire wall, after which we plan to hire graffiti artists to display their skills in a aura of patriotism. With her chant of “let the kindness be contagious”,I want to see Pakistan rise from the skirmishes of poverty and soar towards a better tomorrow. Like a ripple in the water, the kindness shall spread.
One day InshaAllah


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