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The Life Saver – Abdul Sattar Edhi

When a life ended up in world, Allah sent angel from the sky to take the soul, like same way Allah sent down an angel in a form of a man who spend 60 years of his life, serving God’s creatures. By single handed he buried the people where they belong, took care the life which came alone in this world, feed the empty stomach and became the hand of handless. He was the living saint among us, who was “ABDUL SATTAR EDHI”.

Abdul Sattar Edhi is a world-renowned social worker who devoted his entire life to the service of mankind. His ambulances are active all over Pakistan and his clinics and homes were everywhere to help millions of people. On the national scale there are 250 Edhi Centers. The organization saved 20,000 abandoned babies; trained 40,000 qualified nurses and 50,000 orphans are housed in Edhi Homes. One million babies have been delivered in Edhi maternity centers.
Abdul Sattar Edhi lived a simple life, even worst then that he wore same cloths for week to week and traveled in his non air condition ambulances, even for the sake of others, he stretched his hand for begging and keep up the noble cause. We have lost the hero that can’t be forget. Whatever we do is less than that he do for us. Government of Pakistan has decided to issue a Rs.50 coin in his memory. It seem shock to see hero like Quaid are still there among us.

“You have to care for all beings created by God…My mission is to help any person in need.”

Written by Waqar Danka


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