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We hear people saying smoking is injurious to health, but did we hear anyone ever saying depression kills too? And that’s the bitter truth of life, no one ever enlightens us about the reality of life. Since infancy we hear stories of Cinderella and Aladdin, however, in reality, hardly a prince charming comes on a horse. Finding a magic lamp and getting genie to fulfill your wishes is just another fantasy.

Well, to all of us, life is never easy. It is never a smooth path, all of us encounter hurdles. Ending it is never an option. Writers use this ‘;’ symbol of half colon when they want to end a sentence but instead they choose to keep it going. Similarly, feeling alive and rather choosing to keep it going should be the first preference. If there are bad days, there are good days too. If it is a curse, there must be blessing too. We need to just hunt for it and make it worth. Although even if we do not realize it, yet the acts of bullying, pranking and physical puns are toxic for the victims. We never know what the other person is going through in life. It just makes their life more caustic and hell like. So, let’s not be too cruel. Keep it easy and earn delight and cheerfulness by doing it good way. World is cruel and life is always not fair, but if we see world through rose tinted glasses, it is always beautiful. At the end, everyone will have their own book of judgment, after all.

A good deed a day, keeps negativity away!

By: Ujala A. Shaikh


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