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Looking back at the Chai Wala fiasco

Wow! My timeline seems to have finally calmed down after the whole ‘Chai wala’ craze. For those of you fortunate enough to not know about it, I’ll keep it brief. Someone photographed a chai wala doing his job with an expensive camera. The chai wala had blue eyes. That was pretty much all that the internet needed to absolutely EXPLODE! This guy went viral without even knowing it. The dreamy eyed tea maker made all the girls swoon over him. Lemme fast forward everything. Social media made chai wala famous, chai wala became a model and is hopefully living the life that he dreamed about.


Now, there are distinct opinions regarding this. First, there’s the people who talk about how the internet made this guy famous and how thousands of people who truly deserve help were discarded. They speak of how good looks, money and popularity makes you relevant in today’s world. To be honest, I don’t really have a smart-ass retort for this, I know right! It’s amazing. I always have a witty comeback. But yeah, I understand. There are people who deserve help a whole lot more than this guy. It’s true. But it’s also true that we can’t simultaneously help everyone in the world. That would be ideal, but it’s impossible at this stage. So, why not just enjoy this little tale if ‘rags to riches’ and just watch everything play out?


There are also the people who believe that this guy was somehow, ‘sexualized’ and that all the women who’d wanna take pictures with him, made him uncomfortable. Really!? 9/10 men don’t care if women sexualize them. In fact, we welcome it. I’m willing to bet money that that chai guy has never been as happy in his life, as he was with those ladies. He became FAMOUS for just having blue eyes. He’s getting the modelling contracts. He doesn’t care about being sexualized. The position of sexual harassment of women bed men is admittedly, very different in the world. Especially, in Pakistan.


So at the end of it all, I’d just like to say that, a miracle just happened. A man got a chance at better life. Why is it so hard to be happy for him? Social media turned a man into a star and I am happy for him. You should be too.


Zohaib Hussain

(Team PS)

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