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Loyal To The Nation

This Child’s father came up to me while I was covering the official national parade on 14th August last year, and asked to me to take a picture of his child holding the national flag. On asking, where they belonged to? The man said, they were from North Warizstan (area currently affected by the war) and they were in Karachi as IDP’s. Now that they were here, his son asked him to show him the last resting place of the Founder, The Quaid -E- Azam.
According to them, their families, especially the children are being affected the most in the country; they can’t go to their homes and kids don’t have any school left. They are paying the price of a war that was never theirs.
Yet, they are loyal to the nation and ready to give scarifies day in and day out just so this country could survive and prosper.

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