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unnamedDue to the whole bakra eid festivities, I decided to give myself an unnecessary break from studying and just hang out with the dudes. The guys know what I’m talking about. When you’re with your dudes, you can act like you always wanted to. The chai, the parathas and all the usual stuff. Though our fine evening got ruined with a rather foul stench. I had my back turned to the road so I didn’t see it at first. When I turned around, I saw a manhole bubbling up. With the animals, the kids and everyone around, it just seemed unhygienic. It’s just nasty.


It acts as a major problem from a health perspective. This can lead to a multitude of medical conditions like, malaria, dengue fever, typhoid among other things. Something as frivolous as a manhole, may even lead to innocent deaths.


Speaking of deaths, recently I saw a picture online that was heart wrenching. It was a picture of a child who had tragically died as a result of an open manhole. It was downright depressing. What’s worse is that it took around 24 hours just to get the child’s lifeless carcass out of the drain. This not only displays the gravity of the situation, but also how unequipped for these tasks.


Now I know that radical changes don’t exactly happen a lot here, but we can start small by fixing these simple problems that will collectively attribute to a much greater good.


Lastly, to all the NGOs, NPOs and welfare organizations, you guys deserve massive appreciation for doing things that the government’s job for them. Thank you.


Zohaib Hussain (Team PS)

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