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Mard Aurat Sab Aik Jaisay

‘My mother was two months pregnant when my father passed away in 2003 due to a heart attack. After his death, the paternal side of my family started to pressurize my mother into handing over all of his property to them and even made her leave the house. After she shifted to a friend’s house, they brought cans of petrol and attempted to burn her alive in their greed for our inheritance. Thankfully, my mother’s colleagues were able to save her life. This was the point where we cut off all ties with them. Perhaps much of the hatred they had for her was the fact that she belonged to a different sect. Soon after, my mother had my little brother which was also followed by discouragement from society. Throughout her pregnancy everyone would suggest that she abort her child because they believed it was not possible to bring up yet another child alone. She would revoke their suggestions saying,

‘Jo insaan ko zindagi deta hai, wo paalta bhi hai’
(The One who brought us into the world is the One who will provide for us).

That was probably the most difficult period of her life, but she stayed steadfast and I can confidently say I have never seen such a strong lady. She managed to bring us up on her own despite the adversities and now we’re standing in a good place. My elder sister now holds a degree in media sciences, I’m in my first year here at Ziauddin University studying M.B.B.S and my little brother is currently studying in 7th grade, all thanks to her undying efforts and resilience.
By sharing my story, I want to send out the message that women are equally capable, if not more, of handling life on their own and don’t necessarily need a male support to survive. If we come across women living on their own, the least we can do, as responsible members of society, is to encourage them instead of trying to bring them down.
She proved society wrong and served as both my father and mother. She is my hero.’


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