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Master Chef

Team Pakistan Speaks Interviews The President’s Chef.
Interview By : Maham Akhter (Team PS)

“I may not do everything great in my life, but I’m good at this. I manage to touch people’s heart with my food and this is what I am passionate about,” said Khan Muhammad.
People all over the world do not recognize the importance of a chef and consider it as a less privileged activity, thus ‘Pakistan Speaks’ aims to recognize masses whose names are not displayed in the recognized list. This time we have chosen to interview the chef of Pakistan’s President to know his lifestyle and his surroundings.
After a warm welcome the interview started. My first question to him was to describe his early life before getting the position of president’s chef in which he responded that he was a bright student at a government school but due to poverty he could not complete his education and had to quit. Then his father helped him to get a job at the Gym Khana Club and there he worked for ten to twelve years. After this, he worked at Beecham Medical Company for ten years. “I left the job because I was offered a better salary but it didn’t help me to improve my condition because that was the time when the ration rate was on its peak. I managed to cut down my lifestyle so I could feed my children.”
My second question to him was how did he manage till there? “You were definitely having some abilities that led you here, what are they?” He answered me back with such a power that made me feel a bit shaky. He answered, “Not asking only Allah (SWT) to make me rich was enough, wo kehte haina ‘Himmat-e-mardan dae madad-ae khuda.’ Main ne mehnat aur lagan se kaam kiya aur mujhe Allah ne kamyaab kiya,”
After asking this I asked how he got that job. He claimed, “It was my contract job and it was temporary. My elder brother used to work here and due to some reasons he migrated to Afghanistan. In place of him, I was given a permanent job.” Now trending to President’s home I asked, “Are you comfortable with the environment and is your accommodation to your level?” He field the question in a way that he wasn’t provided all what he wanted but the staff was provided with better accommodation and better medical care. “When the president is in Karachi, are there any specific dishes that have to be cooked day and night and according to you what’s the toughest thing about being president’s chef?” After laughing a little, he claimed, “The toughest thing is when I make some mistake in the setting of the dining table at the time of guest arrival. And yet there are specific dishes to be cooked. These are all according to the menu. These dishes are then checked with the other cook taster in order to prevent any harm to him.”
After pausing a little he asked me, “Why are you conducting this interview with me? There are even more important people here.” This question stunned me and I told him about what ‘Pakistan Speaks’ is about and what this team is working for. My last question to him was, “What message would you like to give to the government of Pakistan and where do you see Pakistan in the coming years?” He counters the question by telling me his last wish is to see education on its peak and a place where the judiciary system provides justice and helps those who are in need, not making rich anymore richer. He wants to see Pakistan touching the Mount Everest.
At last, I thanked him for his precious time and wished him the best of luck for his future.The President's Chef


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