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Meet the renowned Drake-but wait, not Canadian, Pakistani Drake!

“Mediocrity knows nothing higher than itself; but talent instantly recognizes genius.”

This famous quotation by Arthur Conan Doyle can be practically implied when it comes to a guy namely Abid born in a small town of Sibbi. Apparently Abid is a local tea-seller on unevenly constructed streets of Balochistan but there’s some remarkable talent hidden within the vocal cords of this guy. HE’S A RAPPER GUYS..!!


Yes, rapping is what we call the talent Abid is blessed with. With an entertaining soul he usually make his customers delightful by performing in front of them. Often by singing and sometimes by dancing as well, until Feroz Faisal of team somewhat superstar approached him and discovered the rare talent he holds which can amaze others. The classic rap style, the unique gesture and a raw voice; something definitely to work on.


Considering his demo, Abid is now officially working on his first music album “The Sibbi Song” in the collaboration with Some What Superstar. Also he’s trying his level best to submerge both Sindhi and Balochi languages at a time in his song and present a masterpiece to all of us.


Music is no doubt a moral language which is understandable to everyone. With a raw voice and adaptive international rap style, this man who idealize Bohemia is possibly supposed to do wonders with his first song. We wish Abid a very good luck for nearby future.

-Aiman Sohail(Team PS)

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