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Modern Era still thinks the same.


Women’s right in the world is an important indicator to understand global well-being. No society can function properly without women. Aristotle the father of political science had said that the state is a” union of families and villages”. Family plays a very important role in society, and makes the foundation of the state .Happy families build healthy societies and healthy societies are prerequisites of strong political order in democratic societies.


A woman is an architect of society. She forms the institution of family life, takes care of the home, brings up the children and tries to make them good citizens. Her role in totality contributes to the building of an ideal family, ideal society and an ideal state. In order to build the prosperous and healthy society both men and women demand for equal rights.


About half the mankind consists of women and they are treated as second class citizens all over the world, but especially in developing states they are oppressed in different sectors of life. In these developing countries one of the living examples are Asian countries. Women’s lives are controlled and shaped by various gender discriminatory structures in Pakistan. Their contribution to the production and physical hardships are not acknowledged. A woman suffers in education, health and gender biased feeding and recreation practices. As a human being she is denied from her own identity. In some parts she is considered as commodity owned by her brother and father before marriage and then by her husband. She does not have the power to make a decision for her life. Someone else takes decisions on behalf of herself about marriage, education or giving birth to a child.



No one can doubt on a fact that state of women is only getting worse day by day. More development brings new ideas to exploit women in every walk of life. Weather she is home wife, working lady or daughter she is being victimized and this is the time where we should revert back to our basic ideology and start giving the women the right of equality and respect they deserve.



Article by Hiba Umer. (Team PS)


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