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Mr Kalakaar

Team Pakistan Speaks Interviews BB ki Vines (Bhuvan Bam)
Interview By Fayyaz Nasir (TeamPS) :

1) How you came up with the idea of making entertaining videos and whats the core purpose behind this?
– Interestingly, I’m a musician by profession since 3 years now. Since school days, I was either known for my singing or my habit of cracking jokes. BB ki Vines happened very randomly. The main and the most obvious reason is to spread smiles across as many as possible.

2) To what extent do you think your videos are benificial in inspiring the people?
– I get so many messages from people where they tell me how happy they are to watch my videos after a long tiring day at office. So many young kids text saying that taking inspiration from me, even they have started to make videos. BB Ki Vines has a much positive impact you see. Haha

3) What is the daily feedback ?
– Aah! Hundreds of messages daily appreciating my work, telling me how much fun they have while watching BB Ki Vines. 2 out of 10 people say that my content is vulgar.
LOL! Tum khud bhi zor zor se hanstey hogey akele mein. Koi doodh ka dhula nahin hai!

4) Tell us something about the way you make the videos without anyones help?
– No one at my home really knows that I make such videos. So I’m all by myself..Turn on the phone’s camera, and start shooting !

5) When making or editiing the video, have you ever faced any difficulty?
– Editing is a fun part. But shooting the video is very tiring at times. Since only I have to hold the camera, after a certain point, my arms go through a massive pain. Dialogue delivery is crucial, so the takes have to be perfect. You can find a couple of ‘Behind the Scene’ videos in BB Ki Vines.

6) How do you manage to play tripple role in every video?
– Playing a tripple role is super fun but quite confusing. Every character has a particular way of speaking, so ot takes time. One of my video has 4 characters !! It all depends on the script. If the story demands, I can even do 8!

7) What was the funniest moment when making the videos?
– While shooting one of the ‘Angry Masterji’ video, I had to shout in one of the scenes and say ‘Goli chala de, khatam kar, mujhe maar daal’.
I didn’t realise that my mom was listening to it through the closed door. She later asked me- ‘Beta sab theek hai na?’
That cracked me up!!

8) Being an Indian , what do you think should happen with Pak-India relations?
– Indo-Pak relations have always been very crucial. Nafrat kisi ko bhi nahin hai !
I strongly believe that the politicians on both sides make situations look bad. But in reality, both the countries want peace and I’m sure they’ll get in future. I’m doing my bit by spreading smiles.

9) As there is alot of Fan following of yours here in Pakistan, what would you like to say to them?
– To all my fans/followers from Pakistan, “Keep supporting the way you do. You are awesome!
I’d love to visit Pakistan some day and meet you guys.”

10) Lastly, what message would you like to give to Pakistan Speaks?
– You’re doing a good job! Keep speaking.

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