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Muhammad Rashid: Crushing more than just a Guinness World Record

On February 23, 2017 Muhammad Rashid, set a world record by crushing 77 cans in a minute with his elbow.  But this is not the first time he has made a name for himself in the international forum; in fact he has made 19 Guinness World Records. Surprising is the fact that this is the first time most of us might have even heard his name. “I get a lot of recognition and appreciation internationally, but such is not a case in Pakistan”, says Muhammad Rashid in an interview with Pakistan Speaks, “but I still love my country” he adds.


Rashid, a resident of Karachi, earned his black belt in 1997 from Lahore. His teacher’s name was Murtaza Iqbal Haider. Rashid went on to establish the Pakistan Academy of Martial Arts in 2000. He has won several championships both on national and international level in different disciplines of martial arts such as Kung-Fu, Karate, Kickboxing and Taekwondo. 6 of his students have also made world records: Arooba Nadeem, Syed Marij Hussain, Mujtaba Hassan  Mughal, Muhammad Hassan Butt, Syed Taj Muhammad and Muhammad Sehrosh Khan.


While talking about the achievements of his students, he said “We don’t have much funds to support ourselves, neither do we have sponsors.” When asked about his opinion on the scope of martial arts in Pakistan, Rashid said, “The thing is no sport other than cricket is successful in Pakistan. Hockey is our national sport yet it is a total mess right now let alone martial arts.” He went on and added, “But that should not stop people from indulging in sports. Doing sports with the thought in mind that you are going to get something or you will be praised for it is the type of mindset that I despise completely. One should be in martial arts or any other sports because they love it.”


Following is the list of all the Guinness World Records that Muhammad Rashid has set:

1. Most bottle caps removed by head in one minute (earned twice)
2. Most objects removed from head in one minute
3. Most pine boards broken with one elbow in one minute
4. Most walnuts smashed with head in one minute (earned twice)
5. Most coconuts smashed with a baseball bat on a person’s head
6. Most walnuts smashed with an elbow in a minute
7. Most clay sporting target broken with nunchako in one minute
8. Most walnuts smashed with the hand in a minute
9. Most nunchako hits in a minute
10. Most nunchako figure of eight in one minute
11. Most spins of fire staff in one minute
12. Most drink cans crushed with the elbow in one minute
13. Most green coconuts smashed with the head in one minute
14. Most punches with one hand in one minute (earned twice)
15. Most pine boards broken in 30 seconds



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