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Never Give Up

Pakistan Speaks Promoting Young Talent :

Sent By : Abdullah Anwer Chhipa

Name: Island FC
Founded in: 2013
Founder: Abdullah Anwer Chhipa
We, a group of little maestros have all studied from ‘BVS Parsi High School’ whose futsal court has been our center of amalgamation.
Our start towards the futsal exposure was a very shaky one. We suffered defeats even though we believed that our team was the best.
But we did not let go of our belief as it had to be proven to others as well, and also to ourselves.
Our first milestone was achieved in 2014 when we grabbed the Runners-Up title of the ‘PGF series 2014’, the biggest futsal tournament of the city and not only that but ‘Abdullah Chhipa’ of ‘Island FC’ also got the ‘Best Player of The PGF Series’ award.
Since then, we have won numerous tournaments amongst which the ‘NSC Futsal Tournament’ and ‘Karachi Futsal Cup’15’ are worth mentioning.
The core of ‘Island FC’ revolves around 5 players:
1) Abdullah chhipa
2) Zunair Zaidi
3) Ghulam Muhammad Kholia
4) Abdul Samad Kholia
5) Hammad Malik
And the beauty of our team is that our team doesn’t have an official captain. The 5 core players mentioned above are delegated to take the team’s decisions and that has always contributed to our team’s success.
Pakistan has a legit talent in futsal which could be groomed and exposed on international forums. It is just that our authorities need to take this sport into consideration.BVS boys

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