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New Trends Leads to Disturbance

Now a days Pakistan is facing a lot problems. Pakistan is the richest country in the world but we are not able to utilize its resources to be the richest in the world. There is a new trend in Pakistan that when someone need to do something for the country they come up with some kind of non profit organization which is somehow is the source of profit for its people. There are many people not only in Karachi but in Multan,Lahore and many other cities in Pakistan who have brilliant ideas and initiatives which can change our society but the problem is they are not able to be guided by right people. Due to this new trend of forming organisations the real,actual people working are being termed as fake or sometimes become the victim of the criticism of those people who are being ditched by the fake organisations.Recently many fake organization are being exposed on media. As Pakistanis rally around their suffering compatriots,dozens of unregistered NGOs are siphoning millions of rupees by setting up relief camps in the city. Their camps now stand on roadsides and near traffic lights in Karachi,while their representatives,including children, go soliciting door to door and through markets. Over 7000 organisations are being registered in only Sindh out of which know one knows does even exist.

Many organisations are working for the welfare but only on documents,there are many few are actually working. Due to these fake organisations the real organisations are not provided with the opportunities to work on a large scale and are not promoted by the government and at the end these organisations also gets banned by the government officials quoting the statement that these are unregistered organisations. This trend is a disgrace to the the word “Social Work”. Many times whenever our youth try to do something for the change they are preferred to join the parties like PTI, PPP, MQM who are working for the so called welfare of the society. Using the Parchi system,imposing the poor to pay un necessary so called tax to these parties,keeping the city shut in the name of strikes,having a special fund raising in rallies(jalsa) or by other means is the welfare work according to these political parties. I believe that like Sir Syed Ahmed khan told the youth of that time to stay away from politics and focus on character building and education in order to empower the youth with knowledge to enter in the politics and fight for their rights and for their mother land so similar situation goes for Pakistan now a days. Our youth should avoid the political wrangling and should focus on receiving education and then should take the power in hand to do something useful for our country not like our current leaders who are super intelligent,knows the counting in billions and trillions. There is a law in Management information system that “ a system requires the right time,right place and right people to work with full performance  “ so Pakistan should understand this law that making these unusual trends are creating difficulties for the right people to work with full performance they are being lack in power and opportunities. People should let the right people do their jobs further they can join them to support them.



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