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Paise Taleem Ke Lie, Mangne Ke Lie

Yesterday, my mom told me that the maid that comes to our house has a child who studies at school instead of working at homes as child labour and the maid and her husband pays the monthly fess.
The maid said:
“baji hum Nai chathey key Humarey bachey b wohe Kam Karie Ho hum Kartey ha, chota sa school he sahe lekin Parahi achi ha or hum apne bacho ko parha Likha kar apkey betey ki tarha Doctor banie gey”
My mom told me that they can’t buy books for the upcoming year and she handed me the slip to buy books or help a little. I took the slip and bought and handed over the books to her today. Trust me it costed less then a shesha in a expensive cafe and the smiles after this were priceless.
It’s better to donate to educate children then to donate to street beggars.
No matter how much you don’t like me for being blunt but atleast try to help others around you just as I do at times. Trust me you will feel better 🙂


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