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Pakistan And Minorities

Day in and there is an everlasting war on social media that the Pakistani are fighting with the Indians. Evident on Facebook pages such as Express Tribune where citizens of both countries collide. There is always a taunt upon India’s secularism regarding to the famous Beef ban. What we as Pakistani’s don’t realize is that we lay claim to democracy and yet still are far from the path of being religiously tolerant. What happened in Gujrat in 2002 or what happened in Burma is none of our concern when WE ourselves do not accept minorities completely.
Anyone with a proper in depth knowledge of the history of Pakistan would be wise to quote the 1953 Lahore riots to oust the Ahmadis of high posts in the government and to recognize them as non-Muslims by the Majlis-E-Amal (a 3 day convention by All Muslim Parties).  The government crossed the deadline quoted by the Majlis-E-Amal and the scenario ended with the placement of martial law and the murder or looting of about 200-2000 Ahmadis and displacement of thousands more. The 2010 Ahmadi Mosque Massacre concluded with empty “condemnations” and no security elevation for the minorities.


“This isn’t Las Vegas or London. This is Lahore”

The general populace of the nation still remains in the dark regarding the knowledge of the Joseph Colony blasphemy case where a mob of around 3,000 people set out and burnt a Christian residency named Joseph Colony on the claims of “blasphemy” apparently committed by one man. The government once again gave way to empty condolences. Announce 0.5 million rupees in compensation and also stated that all houses would be reconstructed within 4 days and no progress on this has been reported up till now.
The case of Asia Bibi is another one that ended up with the victim on the end of the noose with no solid proof that she committed blasphemy. Blasphemy laws are filled with loopholes but that does not mean that raising our voice against injustice is flawed.
Pakistan is still a developing country and requires heavy tolerance of minorities to progress towards success. We as Pakistani Muslims need to check in the mirror and see if we even follow our faith before we go and burn others homes. We as citizens of this state need to look in the mirror before mocking India on a ban on beef. We as Pakistanis need to fix ourselves before we fix others!

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