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Pakistani Game Developers Bring The Change!

Can technology help us be better Pakistanis?

Can technology help us raise a generation that will not litter our streets?

A small game studio in Karachi sets out to find out. Understanding the fact that we as citizens of Pakistan are equally responsible for the litter that we see on our roads and in neighborhoods, Diya Interactive has launched a game “Mera Pakistan” for kids with basic idea of reinforcing the habit and importance of cleanliness.

We all complain about piles and piles of garbage but never hesitate throwing away that packet of chips out of the car window or spitting the long chewed pan on a freshly painted wall or targeting the trash can with the juice box and actually missing it and leaving it there. We forget that children learn through imitating. Soon when a pile builts up, the same trash gets on our nerves. It causes a bad stench and is a source of contamination, infection and arthropod borne diseases.

The game focuses on cleaning streets by moving garbage to dustbin. It gels together with a lot of private initiatives and campaigns in action today that are focused on cleaning our cities. The streets are themed as the famous landmarks of Pakistan. The catchy music in the background and pleasing graphics will surely grasp attentions of our young Pakistanis hopefully they will learn something out of this game.


After playing this game when children will pass through the same streets in real, they will recall how they had cleaned it. And instead of spoiling it more they might actually clean it a little.

Mera Pakistan is launched on the Independence Day as a contribution to the nation, 14th of August 2016. And is available on both Appstore and Playstore.

Best of luck to Diya Interactive and we hope to see more games from them.


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