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vhjkSources have reported a record sale of Independence Day items this year, taking the increment up to over 100% of the previous times.

This news was peculiar in its own way being insignificant and deeply significant both at the same time. All over this piece of land, that we all at least once every year claim with all patriotism inside our soulless body cum machines, there were breathtaking celebrations and ceremonies being prepared for. The entire nation was ready to #bleedgreen as per the facebook and instagram posts. And obviously the due credit must be given to the slightly improved law and order situations for boosting up our Pakistani population’s patriotism, zeal and enthusiasm on their 70 independence day, so much that it made them buy independence day items of worth up to 50 billion, breaking all previous sale records.

Yes, these are the very same Independence Day items that we, after not even a 10 day gap, are finding in heaps of trash, on the roads to be stepped upon or to be lying useless, ignored rather forgotten in some corner of our homes. Celebrating a day as special as your “beloved” country’s independence has no match, when it comes to being auspicious and worth celebrating but the celebration is only a mere festivity without the true spirit and a sense of respect for Pakistan. Why is it so that the flags that we hoist with so much warmth on the morning of 14th of august are left there to face the weather for the rest of the year? And stay there until they wither and gradually vanish just like our vanishing sincerities in emotions. Why have we started to feel that for celebrating truly you need to be a spendthrift? Why not spend time instead in living those moments of independence that we conveniently take for granted? Buying badges and other accessories is no doubt an integral way of displaying the national spirit but it shouldn’t be the only way.

A nation, more than 45% of whose revenue is spent on something other than basic facilities of life like health and education, is surely messed up in prioritizing things and choosing leadership. This makes the reason for the record sale pretty clear for me.

I was not offended by the sale; rather I was happy for the venders and owners of small stalls selling those items. But what caught my heart was the insensitivity and ignorance for those actually valuable items.



And this time, valuable does not mean the price or cost.

Long Live Pakistan!

Written by: Faiza (Team PS)




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