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Private Education OR Business?

Literacy rate of Pakistan was recorded 58% in 2013 and most of the literate population have now shifted towards Private institutions instead of government institutions. Schools nowadays have become some sort of a new business. If you are yourself a parent, then you know exactly what happens. The schools have started a new trend that one should register their child’s name for admission once he is 2-3 months old and then he can join when he is 2 years old. A man with an average salary will be in dual feelings. Happy & worried. Because he knows the expenses of private education in Pakistan.



It’s not just in schools, but the same goes in colleges and universities in Pakistan. Institutions are now just working to provide degrees to the students and not to make them perfectly able. They even charge for the admission forms they are distributing to the students whereas if we see the education institutions outside Pakistan, forms are available for free from the university and even online for students to apply from any part of the world. It all shows that they value education more than wealth. They know that there might be the next Einstein or Newton hidden in any of the student who can make something that can change the perspective of the World. Every eye has its own angle and ideas. But not in Pakistan. Every student is taught from the same book, the same syllabus which was being taught since the last thirty years. It’s so hard for a middle class man to pay for education expenses therefore i don’t think that the lower class man can even think of sending their child to a private education institute. Since now education is all about money in Pakistan, we are producing machines instead of ideas. Every machine has the same idea e.g. if we take science students, they know that FORCE = MASS x ACCELERATION. But why is it? SILENCE.


A child of class 4 asked his teacher that why 2+2=4 and not equal to 5? And the teacher instead of explaining him the rules of numbers, told him that what’s written in the book, memorize it or you won’t get good grades.

People in Pakistan are only thinking about good grades. And somewhere it is the mistake of our education institutions as well that they have increased the fees so much that student only thinks that if he will not get good grades, he will be wasting a lot of money. And therefore everybody is running for success and no one wants to get excellence. This would have made you remember that dialogue from the movie “3 idiots”



“Never study to be successful, study for self-efficiency. Don’t run behind success. Run behind excellence, success will come all way behind you.” – 3 idiots (movie)




Every student nowadays dreams of a six figured salary, own house, luxurious car and what not. And this is just because of these education systems. They charge too much that in the end students only want the return of their investment in their education and that will only come when they are successful. This is sad but this is the reality.















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