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Pulao vs. Biryani: Who wins the Race?


What is the most rated or liked food in Asia or probably to be more specific in Pakistan? On every Eid we can easily spot out two groups, ones who utterly stand by the fact that no matter what dish comes into limelight Biryani takes it all away always, may be because of the ingredients and variety it offers to its lovers but surprisingly there are a lot of people who still don’t get the idea of putting up Rice in a Quorma and cooking it up with all ingredients you can find in your Kitchen cabinet.


At times this issue turns as hot as a plate of nalli nihari which is for now out of race because here is a big fight of Biryani Vs. Pulao. I belong to an interesting family who has supposedly suffered the most during this war because my Dad resides in Karachi and is a staunch supporter for Biryani(yayay, a typical reaction for a Biryani lover) whereas my mum is from Punjab and their every celebration begins up with a plate overloaded with Pulao. I am not all generalizing every Punjabi with this stigma because I have a Punjabi friend who literally dances at times when she even smells Biryani.


In order to make my research more impactful I questioned few people about the major reasons they go for choosing a Biryani over Pulao or visa vie. To my most surprise people go for Pulao just to stay away from convention and at times they are irritated by the loads of spices such as cloves, Kari patta etc. But I countered it back (being a loyal Biryani fan) that all of this is used in Pulao as well. With a little hesitation that person cleared it with a simple statement, In Biryani due to the spices the taste is killed at times. I mean okay, it was taken really seriously. Coming back to the group of people voting for Biryani, according to them Biryani is the dish for lively people. Its variety and wide range of taste nails it always. I stood there pondering really hard that isn’t Biryani not an over rated dish?


What I really believe in is that whether it’s a plate of Biryani or Pulao we love sharing it with as much spoons in our plate as possible and I guess that’s the best part about us, being us.

Written by: Fatima Rehman

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