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Qandeel Baloch; The Scandal Queen killed for honor?

The social media Sensation who had been called the Scandal Queen doesn’t need much to be told of, Fozia Azeem who called herself Qandeel Baloch gained immense fame and mostly negative fame because of her facebook videos and pictures. International news media like Agence France-Press has compared her to Kim Kardashian.

Most recently Qandeel met Mufti Abdul Qavi in a hotel room to learn more about her faith, the interaction between them brought mayhem on social media platforms as their photos went viral online. She also wore a hat with Mufti’s signature.

Her previous stunt which spread in social media was that she promised to strip dance for her nation and to dedicate her dance to cricketer Shahid Afridi if Pakistan won the Twenty20 match against India on 19 March 2016. She had released a teaser regarding her strip dance on social media which went viral however none of the cricketers was seen to pay attention .Some Indian media compare her with Poonam Pandey due to her controversial personality and similarities.

Recently her husband Aashiq Hussain came forward. She was married to Aashiq Hussain from Kot Addu in 2008. Her parents wed her forcefully. She was married in 2008 at the age of 17 and got separated one and a half year after the marriage. While talking to 24 News, Baloch claimed that she had bigger dreams and left her husband.



The news of her murder broke out on 16 July 2016. Her father called the police to inform them about her murder by her brother! Three weeks ago Qandeel wrote the letter to FIA asking for security as she had been receiving threats. The news is now confirm and that her brother killed her in her home in Multan.



We condemned her vulgar and bold activities. She said to be representing women empowerment however this was not what women empowerment was. BBC also recorded her and it clearly did defame Pakistan. She not only defamed Pakistan but her videos and song BAN promoted vulgarity.

However honor killing wasn’t the solution. She could have been banned or the best thing was to tell her, explain her!

We condemn this act of her brother and pray that may Allah forgive her Aamen!



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