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Rabia Zuberi; A Sculptor

Rabia Zuberi, Pakistan’s premiere sculptor, pioneering art educationist and recipient of numerous national awards, has dedicated her life to art and art education in Pakistan. Founder-Principal of Karachi School of Art which she established in 1964 with her celebrated sister Hajra Mansoor, an internationally acclaimed artist in her own right, Rabia Zuberi devoted herself to promoting art education and single-handedly achieved what seems unattainable to many. Initially named Mina Art School after her poet father, Karachi School of Art has the distinction of being the first private academic centre of art in the country. Herself a graduate of Lucknow School of Art, Rabia Zuberi’s art reflects her deep interest in gender issues and quest for peace and love. 52 years on, she continues to serve the society with the same passion. To her, teaching art is a mission, a noble cause. Truly a woman of substance and a pride of Pakistan


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