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Rahat Fateh Ali Khan – A True Patriot

Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) said: ‘Love of your country (patriotism) is a part of your faith’. Rahat Fateh Ali Khan complied by this hadith as he said, ‘I won’t perform in India; my country’s integrity is important for me’. He showed us, the patriotic behavior that is lacking in almost every Pakistani. Even Adnan Sami; the person who got his ‘fame and respect’ from Pakistan only, has adopted Indian nationality and decided to live there. He has gotten far enough to tweet things against Pakistan. Is this what should we do as a Muslim?

Love for our country is a part of our faith, and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan has completed this part of his faith! If our soldiers can give their lives on borders and leave their families behind, then we can also do something for our country, right? If Rahat Fateh Ali Khan can stop performing in India, then we can also stop watching Indian content, at least until India apologizes to our artists. Just like they have banned stuff that includes Pakistani artists in them, we should also completely ban their products and content here. Rahat Fateh Ali Khan is an artist, he can make millions if he goes to India, but he chose to stay with Pakistan; that’s love!

He showed us that there is nothing more important to us than Pakistan, nor money neither our own lives. We all should follow him and try to be as patriotic as him and love Pakistan as much as we can. May we have more people like him and May Allah (SWT) guide us to the right path and protect us from misguidance and evil temptations.


Written By Taha Hissam Mirza


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