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Ramadan Transmission : Embarrassment Rather Than Entertainment

We’ve been redefining our definitions of entertainment so often that now we stand in an era where our media content makers stand all perplexed about what to show in the sole name of “entertainment” disregarding the fact that Ramadan is a divine month of peace and blessings of Almighty Allah.


In the tough race of TRP’s every TV channel is determined to ace it no matter what we are losing on the other end. Okay, so let’s admit it now that we are not only giving “Firdous Ki Lawn”, “unique ki bike” or “Faiza beauty cream k gift hampers” instead we are a giving an embarrassing portrayal of us as a nation who demands charity in the name of gifts rather than mercy from God and that even in a month when Allah eradicates all barriers between him and his worshipper and showers his blessings on everyone.


Ironically, the question says at its place. How do we place priorities? In this case we need to be decisive enough that does TRPs rule over the embarrassment generated from the Ramadan transmissions? Or we have now given all control in the hands which are probably not capable of it.



What are our children picking from that media box which is rather a magic window for them? Aren’t they getting a wrong perception of talent or comic content? With no offense talent doesn’t stand by people who are masters of buttering in order to fulfill their desires or by those who can eat mangoes in the weirdest ways possible or how about doing terrible makeovers of their wives in order to please that respective host of a game show.





Our nation is now getting prone to ask for things they don’t earn the way they should. This is eliminating empathy and consideration for others.

Let’s wait for time when we understand the definition of entertainment in it’s true sense rather than being a part of some terrible TRP race!

By: Fatima Rehman

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