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RAPE: not your typical pun

ddNote: purely fiction.

The night of profound murkiness and sinfulness, her consciousness drugged beyond her horizons of alacrity. Although trying to resist the chloroform and his fingers gripping onto her body, yet pricking onto her soul, she remained paralyzed and helpless. Her stockings no longer pulled onto her legs, her shirt no longer veiling her body, if she sensed anything that night, it was agony. Seeing through the dolor and pangs that he was endowing her that night, she could see his eyes full of soot and disgrace. The eyes that only saw sluts, streetwalkers and tramps. Notwithstanding, devoid of the vision of a mother, sister or grace. As she pounded her nails to his shoulder giving him scars, he landed the bruises not only to her body but submerged to her soul. Her screams that went unheard, her scars that went merciless, her pain that went remediless; the contemptuous and unjust society just made her despise herself and crave for the dignity that was now an oblivion. The fortnight had arrived; her wounds were apparently not yet cured. The scars were still there, and it was now time to eliminate the penalty of a sin that she never did. Of course he was a man, and aftermath was just due on her. The merciless and ill game that nature played with her; she had to now abort the curse of his off spring from entity.

The bitter truth that she lives, you play with its name and take it as a pun. Yes, rape is not your typical pun! It is curse and ill fate. She begs of you please do not make fun of it, do not make it difficult for the victims. Do not make it an embarrassment, rather make it awareness. Do not degrade the victims who made through it, but commend their courage.

Author’s note: since 2000 many women and teen age girls have reported against sexual assault and rape. In September 2014, a documentary called Pakistan’s Hidden Shame, highlighted the problem of sexual abuse of street children in particular, an estimated 90 percent of whom have been sexually abused. The rape of minorities is reported to be particularly prevelant. However,the cherry on top of the cake is, that our society does not accept the fact that it is not a woman’s fault. Buck up, and do not make it a shame for the victims!

Written by: Ujala A. Shaikh

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