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READY STEADY AND GO (Pakistan after ten years)…

As we are the citizen of Pakistan what will happen in Pakistan in next 10 years , what strategies Pakistan will apply , what benefit will be given to the citizen after or within ten years we should know , that it will impact on our daily lives in our future the good news is that Pakistan’s bad time is over, Now ! Pakistan will open the window which gives   bright happy and peaceful shine

GDP GROWTH: (after Pakistan)

GDP Growth Rate in Pakistan is expected to be 4.70 percent by the end of this quarter, according to Trading Economics global macro models and analysts expectations. In the long-term, the Pakistan GDP Growth Rate is projected to trend around 2.80 percent in 2020, according to our econometric models


Pakistan could possess the world’s third largest arsenal of nuclear weapons in a decade, or have enough fissile material available for it, Pakistan could become world third biggest in coming 10 years, Pakistan has the world’s fastest growing nuclear program capable of weaponising up to 200 nuclear devices by the year 2020.

  • Vision of health care system in 2025

Governments will be enforcing the public health laws promulgated, related to smoking, drug safety, organ donation and transplant, safe blood transfusion, environmental protection, food safety etc. Entire health care system will be made resilient to disasters (climate change, natural disasters, disease outbreak etc) in terms of both disaster mitigation response and continued provision of services during acute crisis / emergencies. Continuous Professional Development will be institutionalized across both public and private sectors in conjunction with associations, and linking up with re-licensing of the health professionals; Governments will be vigilantly monitoring the selection, quality, price and use of technologies, equipment and medicine, as per international standards.


It is the third important International port in Pakistan after Karachi and Qasim ports.- It is located at cross junction of international sea shipping and oil trade routes.– Gwadar port would connect three regions, i.e. Central Asia, South Asia and Middle East – Development of economy and job opportunities in the region (Balochistan)– will attract foreign investment and tourism. It would provide foreign reserves and free trade zones and special economic zones (SEZ) that would help in the economic prosperity of Baluchistan and Pakistan- Pakistan will be able to explore minerals, hydrocarbons, oil and gas resources of Central Asian Region Economic development through transit trade fee and foreign exchange reserves. Tourism, trade, hotel industry and state revenue will increase which will strengthened country’s economy; Gwadar will boost up the co-operation of Pakistan with other countries in the Oil and Energy sectors.

Modernizing Transportation Infrastructure & Greater Regional Connectivity In 2025

Pakistan is gifted with a strategic location that is well suited to serve as a hub of commercial activity. Development of modern transportation infrastructure plays a pivotal role in economic development and attracting investments. Key related targets are to ensure reduction in transportation costs, safety in mobility, effective connectivity between rural areas and markets /urban centers, inter-provincial high-speed connectivity, integrated road/rail networks between economic hubs (including air, sea and dry ports) and also high capacity transportation corridors connecting major regional trading partner


Higher education is imperative to reap the benefits of technological advancements and compete effectively. Quality of higher education, research and development and university industry linkage are also critical factors .The emphasis will be to promote improvement in the quality of science and technology education in particular the natural sciences, mathematics and ICT. Every school, college and university will be digitized and computerized by 2025. Vocational training will be made responsive to emerging technologies and to the changing needs of the private sector. The missing link between our knowledge and production platforms shall be established through government, private sector and academia/ research partnership

Our future is depend upon the future of Pakistan Lets pray for the best future of Pakistan: Pakistan just need our little help stay positive in the tragic situation. One day Pakistan will get their position  back the position where PIA is world’s no.1 airline service, the position when Japanese architecture impressed when they saw the Habib bank plaza ( the largest building of their times), the time when Pakistan gave loan to Germany  So folks ! READY STEADY AND GO……..

Pakistan Zindabad…..

By aaina kukda.

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