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Real Men Don’t Beat Women

Despite the respect for the members of the council of Islamic Ideology, we need to point out what is wrong. Another random day and chaos all over my newsfeed. The CII’s proposal is going all viral and it’s a shame as to what we portray all over the world.
Is this what Islam has taught us all along? Question yourselves and you may encounter enlightenment. Islam is the epitome of mercy itself. According to the Quran the relationship between a husband and wife should be based on mutual love and kindness. It also states that it is important for a wife to recognise the authority of her husband, and doesn’t indicate that this is to be taken as an advantage but a source of reverence.
However according to the Quran, in extreme cases a man is allowed to beat his wife BUT beating here doesn’t mean physical abuse. The holy prophet (peace be upon him) explained it as *Dharban ghayra mubarrih*, which means a light tap that leaves no mark. He further said that the face must be avoided.
To add on The Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) used to discourage his followers from taking this measure. He never hit any women and stated, ‘The best of men are those who don’t hit their wives’.
I don’t think we need a law that stand out in contradiction to what Allah and his messenger states.

May Allah guide us all,Ameen

Article by: Laiba Abid



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