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canteeenIt was my first day at college. As per instructions from my parents, I had to find company of high achievers. Accordingly, I spent my day with Shumaila. She haf received not only free admission but also a monthly scholarship on merit basis.
I paid for our drinks at the college canteen. She didnot show any interest in paying for our drinks, neither hers. I thought “Such a miser!” Its easy to be judgemental.
The next moment,she changed my opinion by handing over a Rupees 10 note as tip, to the waiter.He smiled gratefully and left.
I asked, ” He is paid for this work. Then what justifies a tip?”
She grinned and retorted,”He works hard. Can’t we appreciate the fact that he does not rely on charity. This tip may get his kid a ball pen”.
I felt awkward. I changed the topic. ” What do you intend to be?”
“I want to be a doctor and serve the humanity.” Her eyes gleamed.
“Your father is a doctor, I guess”.
The reply was “No. He works as a waiter in a nearby restaurant.”

Now I understand why Shumaila appeared so strange to me, few minutes ago. My shallow thinking had not allowed me to see things from her perception. I have lived on a bed of roses and have never walked in her shoes. All I am good at is being judgmental.

Hey there? You ask for a change in the mindsets of Pakistanis? My dear! The revolution begins from within!

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