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Trust of a common man, hope for the families and the cure for the patients … YES! JINNAH POST GRADUATE MEDICAL CENTRE. Though it is neglected by the care takers, it is running at full capacity, it is surviving with the mismanagement but still manages to provide the best attention care and cure to the patients. It is said that every cloud has a silver lining and with the initiative taken by the TEAM SAVE A LIFE, JINNAH POST GRADUATE MEDICAL CENTRE has met its silver lining.



Recently the students of SZABIST (Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science and Technology) have taken this initiative to revitalize the Jinnah Hospital focusing its poor health care facilities and creating awareness and credibility among the SEC A and B people.


It was a great step taken by them to ensure that the people who come to the hospital are given total attention and are treated equally.


Students were successful in executing their activity to aware people about what they have so far, for this they executed an activity in the premises of University where they have setup their desk asking the individual’s to share their point of views and comment on the initiative thy have taken. They also collected donations in order to help the people of Jinnah Hospital who had to cut down their expenses in order to pay for the family members who were admitted in the hospital






The results have been great as they were able to gather the attention of many students on campus as well as teachers, furthermore a lot of people got to know the changes students have done and they were ready to pay a visit and appreciate the efforts students took. Good Luck to team #SAVEALIFE.

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