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Risking His Own Life

When a suicide bomber in Quetta was on his way to explode himself aiming to kill Hazara Shias who he considered infidels and worthy to be killed, he was met with Shaheed Talib Hussain, a Baloch Sunni Muslim who didn’t let the terrorist fulfill his filthy aims.

The brave Talib Hussain stopped the suicide bomber who was trying to enter Hazara Shia majority town in Quetta. When stopped by security guard the suicide bomber exploded himself resulting in martyrdom of Talib Hussain. Talib Hussain lost his life protecting hundreds of Hazara Shias but didn’t let the butcher enter into the town. If it wasn’t for Talib Hussain we might have witnessed another Alamdar road incident but it was avoided due to his bravery.

Shaheed Talib Hussain’s selfless sacrifice is a lesson that people like him represent Sunni Muslims not the self proclaimed protectors of Sahabas honor who exploit people to kill innocents.

The more you attack us, the more Aitezazs and more Talibs will rise up.


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