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Sarak Per Aagai Me Magar Umeed Ka Damaan Ab Tak Na Chora

“I never loose hope. No one should loose hope. Why should we loose hope from Allah after all who’s there for us besides him.” ?
“I work and do not beg I do not like to beg, why should we beg when Allah has given us intellect.” ?

These were the words of a women I saw the second time near the numaish chowrangi sitting on the road side on a small cloth with her little kid, she was selling toy stuff on the road to earn money.

I wish I could have taken a picture of this scene, but she did not allow me because she was afraid of her relatives finding this out. She says “In our family background women are not supposed to work outside.”

When I tried to inquire as to why she’s sitting like this on the road. She told me “I am literate and I can make a full time job but my problem is that I cannot leave my son at home, we are a small family with 2 children, me and my husband. I cannot leave my children behind and go for a job, who is going to take care of them.”?

We had an operation for our child, he broke his arm and we are in dept of 2 lakhs. We need to repay this debt. It’s just because of this reason that I am working like this to make some money.

My husband is not literate he does not earn much and I cannot leave my children anywhere. I do sewing throughout the day But It’s not enough. I have to come here and sell these items to make more money. I don’t like it though. But I have to. There is no choice.”

Despite of her bad conditions she chose to work hard to make money and not beg for it. She is not that poor but she desperately needs our help.

There is much more than I have shared but I cannot share the whole story here. Those who are really willing to help the lady can contact me. She sits almost everyday in night from around 7-10 so you can verify the whole stuff.

To contact for her support reach here : +92 333 2490387


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