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Search Of Water

“Death is a regular visitor at the doors of Tharparkar’s People.”
The recent cyclic drought and rise in temperature due to climate change has once again brought  to the impoverished people of desert Tharparkar – mainly affecting women and children who faces malnutrition of the highest order. One of the most acute problems faced by the people of Tharparkar is the non-availability of water. During cyclic droughts the inhabitants have to migrate from barrage areas along with their livestock in order to sustain themselves which is a dreadful journey. Livestock happens to be the main source of livelihood for the poor people of this region. And in order to bring a drastic change the availability of pure and clean water is a must  job.
We are living in 21st century and still children of Tharparkar are in darkness of water,where as a seven-day-old infant, Mumtaz son of Gul Muhammad, died in a private hospital in Islamkot Tehsil and a six-month-old died in Civil hospital of Mithi. While a four-year-old also passed away in Hyderabad hospital just in search of a God’s blessing ‘WATER”.
Many NGO are working on this project, we just have to support them with money,sources and whatever we can do to end their search of water, so come forward to pull tharparkar’s people out from this searching of water.



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