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Rafay Israr, the sensation behind the band ‘Evolution’.

Q- Brief introduction about yourself.
Ans: “I am Raafay Israr, a Karachi based musician and an upcoming singer. Have been doing concerts in various places in Karachi for the past 3 years and have played in almost 300 shows getting response.”

Q- When and how did you find this talent of yours? What was your motivation?
Ans: “I always loved music and musicians since childhood, but never thought that I would become one. Started doing music at the age of 15. I still remember the day when I went to this concert of ‘Strings’ band when I was in the 5th grade and there was so much crowd that I could barely see them on the stage, but it was the happiest day of my life. Never thought that after some years I would be sharing the stage with the same band in 3 concerts.”

Q- How did you come up with the name of your band ‘Evolution’?
Ans: “I never really had a reason of naming my band “Evolution”. When we were practicing for a couple of months and we got a call to perform at a gig, the next thing that the organizer of the event asked us was the band’s name. So I said EVOLUTION.”

Q- One of the most memorable concerts of your life?
Ans: “It was a new year’s eve concert at Portgrand, Karachi, in 2013 where we played a sold out show of seven-thousand (7,000) people. We were introduced on the stage by our host Ali Gul Pir. A week before the show, we had released our first cover song video on TV channels so right after the show, a lot of fans came up and started taking pictures with us. It was an amazing feeling.”

Q- If you weren’t a singer, then what would you have aimed to be? What are your future goals?
Ans: “Besides music, I’m studying Film Direction from Szabist, so yes, if music wasn’t a part of my life, then I would be a full time director. Talking about the future goals, there’s a lot of music coming this year from my side. Working on the first original song and its video, so yes, this year I will be coming up with 3 or 4 music videos, TV and radio appearances, and concerts side by side.”

Q- Is there something you’re really bad at?
Ans: “Socializing with people.”

Q- Views about Pakistan and the upcoming young artists?
Ans: “Pakistan is full of talent and it’s proved that whenever they’ve gotten a chance to prove themselves on a platform, they have done wonders.”

Q- Views about ‘Pakistan Speaks’?
Ans: “I think it’s a brilliant initiative by “Pakistan Speaks” to promote the local talent and uncover stories regarding the talented youth of the country. I wish them the best of luck for immense success.”

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Interview by: Meesha Imran (Team PS)

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