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(Strongest massage from the top of hills to the women of the world)







By : aaina kukda Team : (P.S)


(Strongest massage from the top of hills to the women’s of the world)

We runs the Nation , there is discrimination between you (men) and women in intelligence we are stronger , powerful  and confident like you  (Men) We use these type of sentences are in common life but Afghani girls are use to kept in house due to conflict condition in their country . In this tense situation 20 years old Sima Azimi took this another ways in a country where women’s sport is severely restricted; Shaolin Wushu club in a part of Kabul that is home to the capital’s Hazara ethnic community is a rare exception.  The move of practicing martial art is a big concerned of bloody attacks claimed by Islamic State militants over the past year  A country where women’s harassment and abuse are common in daily life afghan girls should use to protect themselves Sima  Azimi take this conditions on a serious note she leading the practice session, says Wushu teaches self-defense, but just as important, “it’s really effective for body and soul” Afghan teenage girls challenge tradition and prejudice with Chinese martial arts She learned the sport in Iran, where she won a gold and bronze medal in competition, and she has been teaching in Kabul for about a year, encouraged by her father, with whom she trains at the club’s gym .There are many people harassing us but we ignore them and follow our goals,” she said”. Afghanistan is still notoriously hard country for women and the girl’s faces regular harassment and abuse but through continuous training the girls hope to create a more peaceful climate in defiance of the daily realities they face

“There are many people harassing us but we ignore them and follow our goals,” she said.

When possible, training goes on in a gym dominated by a poster of Hussain Sadiqi, a Hazara martial arts champion who fled to Australia in 1999 and later worked as a film stuntman. So far, all the girls in the club are Hazara, a Persian-speaking, mainly Shia group who have faced a series of attacks claimed by the militant Islamic State group over the past year.

Sima Azimi said “I am working with Afghan girls to strengthen their abilities and I love to see Afghan girls improve the way other girls have improved in the world,”



By : aaina kukda

(Team P.S)

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