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‘Jaan jaaye likn Aaan na jaye”,a stereotypical yet diplomatic statement used by every other Pakistani today has actually put me into a real turmoil about our standards and views of being a respected soceity. So,where do we rate ourselves?In to the lead of honoury people who are all geared up to die rather KILL their beloved ones in the solely name of honour or those self-proclaimed jury members commonly known as “society” or “social media jihaadis” who are all so engaged in passing judgements about who’s at the fault end after watching a 9 ‘O clock bulletin or by reading a facebook post while scrolling the wall? While peeping into the series of events in past yet keeping a strict hold on present the gist concluded is that we all are nothing but controlled or instead bounded heads either by our typical queries such as “loog kiya kahein gai?”or how about “hamare yahan shaadiyaan ese nahi hotein.” Well,coming straight on point,made be that little girl killed in Karachi just because his elder brother had his slight doubts over his younger sister’s affair with a guy in his neighbour hood and was stabbed brutally with a knife while the societal crowd or better known as “jury members”(as I mentioned before) stood all blank making an important verdict about who is the culpret when poor soul Sumaira was making to her last breath.Which is fair enough because that’s how we named it,”The honour killings”.But the most recent event left an even deeper scar on our faces because the story here was tad bit different than what we all are irionically moreover regretfully accustomed of hearing.This incident revolves around 18 year old Zeenat who was burnt to death by her very own mother in Lahore.She must have done something gravely wrong that the woman who beared severe pains to bring her to this world chose to end her life and that too,with the most treacherous way possible.She burnt her alive in the charge that she allegedly eloped with a person whom she admired but her “honoured” family didnot due to his mismatched financial status.Where his husband Hassan Khan repents the fact that he let her go by saying,”My destiny now is to bring her justice”.But the question popping in my little peice of brain is,justice from whom?”The government” who is so damn busy in figuring out the blame game in parliament,”The media”who did make alot of documentaries on honor killing but now sleeping soundly with their oscars,or our beloved “jury members”(society) who are least considered of the fact as they are so into criticising everything around them,even the next person breathing. In a nutshell,question stays at the same place.Did Zeenat’s or Sumaira’s family got their hands on the honour they claimed for?Another very big one,why is always a girl responsible for mantaining the honor of our families in regard to the fact that they already have much to worry about or with no offense worth blaming for?Why did we never hear an honour killing story where Sumair instead of Sumaira or XYZ boy was sentenced to death because he plucked up the courage to chose his life partner.By this I never justify the fact that what Sumaira or Zeenat did was right but I strongly believe that there are undoubtedly a trillion zillion ways of handling this than what are elders ended up doing. Fingers crossed,to the fact that may we all understand that just by passing bills on certain issues we cannot wipe them out instead implementations are what that we need now,very desperately. 




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