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Stay Aware, Stay Safe

Nowadays it has become really very difficult to judge a person correctly. Even the most innocent faces are decieving sometimes. We should not trust any person without knowing their background and proper details.

My brother did the same mistake. He saw a boy of around 10 or 11 years near Dhaka Sweets at Gulshan. He was dumb and deaf, and had told my brother that he was an orphan and there was no one with him. My brother hired him to work in his restaurant at Nipa. The boy worked hard and did whatever he was told. He impressed my brother. Unfortunately, the restaurant had to be closed down due to some problems.

My brother did not want the boy to be unemployed as he was alone and had nowhere else to go. He kind of adopted him and brought him to our home. He even arranged a job for him in a friend’s garment factory so that he could learn tailoring there and then later, he could open up a shop for that boy where he could earn an honest living on his own. He was treated like a family member at our home. He ate with us, went to family gatherings with us. He was more like a child to my parents.

Two days before, my father had some work and he took the boy along with him. He recieved a payment from his business partner which the boy saw.My father had to deposit that in the bank the next day. But the next day as we woke up, all the money was gone. The boy had stolen the money as well as our other valuable things like cell phones and wallets while everyone was sleeping at night. He must have planned to steal from us since a long time.

I request you all to be very careful of such people. Do not trust or hire a person until you have investigated about them properly.

If anyone has any clue regarding this child they may contact :
As this child can be a security threat to my family.
-Spread the word so that others can be saved.


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